Nativity Catholic Cluster: Nativity of our Lord and St. Johns Parishes

School Staff

School Staff

Nativity School Staff

Pastor - Fr. Mike Tupa

Principal - Mrs. Melanie Nycz

Business Manager- Mr. Michael DeBay

Preschool  Junior High Support Staff

Mrs. Angie Stafford - Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Bognar, Jean - Aide

Mrs. Shonda Bartsch-Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Hageny, Mary- Aide 

Mrs. Brittany Gauthier 6-7 English and 6-8 Math

Ms. Jennifer Rouse 6-8 Religon and Health and 4K

Mr. Nicholas Schiefelbein Social Studies and Science



Mrs. McGuire, Julie - School Office

Mrs. Morrison, Heather - School Office

Mrs. Hitchcock, Carol - Cook

Mrs. Hitchcock, Rick - Cook

Mrs. Allen, Jan - Aide 

Mrs. Craig, Ethel -Aide

Ms. Nehls, Katie -  Aide

Mr. Hocking, Cory - Custodial/Maintenance

Mr. Incha, Steve - IT Technician

Mrs. Wenos, Colleen - Aide

Mr. Raymond, Wayne - Custodial/Maintenance

Mr. Perdue, Paul - Assistant Cook

Mrs. Spiegelhoff, Holly - Director of Liturgical Music

Mr. Monroe, Pat - Facilities Manager




 Primary K-8 Staff

Kindergarten - Mrs. Dean, Mary

1st Grade - Mrs. Laspa, Lora

2nd Grade - Mrs. Speich, Betty

3rd Grade - Mrs. Ward, Stephanie

4th Grade - Mrs. Zemski, Ann

5th Grade - Ms. McCarthy, Veronica

 Mr. LaHam, Charlie - Phys Ed and 8 English

Ms. Fenzl, Laura -  Art

Mrs. Flecha, Ana - Spanish

Mrs. Siedschlag, Joanne - Librarian and 6-8 Literature

Mrs. Hartzheim, Traci - Music/Band